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March 29, 2009

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September 26, 2008

i’m back! sorry that took forever folks. i took a blog hiatus to work on my zine! i’ve been drawing/writing so much but didn’t want to put any on here since it’s all going in my zine! and what’s fun about putting out a zine if everyone has already seen it all =0)

here’s a different thing. upon moving to chicago i tried to think of some quick ways to make cash by drawing. the main thing i came up with is pet portraits! i did some of rover and stella and realized that other people might like them too, so via craigslist i’ve been offering my illustration services. it’s been fun so far.

if YOU would like a pet portrait, click on the flyer below for a larger version to see all the deets:

new flyer!

August 4, 2008

click on image for a larger/better version!

come see my work! tomorrow night!

July 17, 2008

click on the image for a larger version of the flyer

i’m having an art opening at charm city art space tomorrow night, july 18th, from 7-10pm. since they expanded artscape this year, baltimore’s big art festival, it will be right in the thick of things! while you’re out getting hot and sticky, perusing arts vendors, stop by and say hello! the work is printed big and framed, much different from seeing it online. i’ll be selling cheap prints and zines too and there will also be vegan refreshments!

located at 1729 n. maryland ave.

epic beardliness

July 16, 2008

i just finished drawing the flyer for our next show at the frisby house on july 22nd. The show is paul baribeau, the boy who could fly, macgregor burns, and spoonboy. it’s going to be really great. this is the third time paul baribeau has played our house. the last two shows i made beard-centric flyers. this is why:

paul baribeau

Here is the first flyer I did:

paul b. flyer

and the second:

coming up

and the latest!

epic beards

New Stuff available for sale

July 5, 2008

For Sale: one-shot zine examining how i got better at drawing by drawing through zines! a showcase of all the illustrations i’ve done in the last year, for fun, for flyers, for tattoos, and band artwork with commentary throughout. the normal zine i make is called [list.]! hopefully i’ll have another issue out within the next few months.

selling for $4, shipping included. i accept paypal to ramseybeyer at gmail dot com or well-concealed cash. send a message to the same e-mail address to receive my mailing address.

sample spreads



if you’d like to buy a print along with it, you can buy a zine and print package for $15! all prints are 8.5×11 and are printed on archival matte paper with epson archival inks

choice of prints

Black and White,
Image size: approx 11 x 8.5″
Paper size: 11″ x 8.5″
Original materials: pen and ink, paper

Image size: approx 11 x 7.5″
Paper size: 11″ x 8.5″
Original materials: pen and ink, paper, digital color in Photoshop

Black and White,
Image size: approx 6 x 7″
Paper size: 8.5″ x 11″
Original materials: pen and ink, paper

this zine was mostly done as a self-fundraiser for a large vet bill i have for my cat who had to go to the e.r.! stella’s better now but my credit card isn’t =0(
i also started an etsy for the same reason. feel free to check it out. you can buy the zine or color prints of my illustrations on there as well.

two new flyers

July 3, 2008

after a brief spell of extreme busy-ness (how do you spell that? not business…) i’m finally making another post!

two flyers for shows that happened at our house within the last month:

The show that happened at our house last night:

my zine

June 15, 2008

the thing that really got me drawing cartoons was my zine, [list.]. i started writing my zine during my freshman year in college, after my partner, daniel, convinced me to go for it. he had made a zine throughout high school and i had always wanted to, so with his encouragement i went for it. [list.] started out with a traditional collaged, cut and paste zine aesthetic. daniel also made a zine during this time called ‘bike.’ we were all about the one word zine titles i guess. eventually, we decided to do a split zine

daniel is actually a pretty amazing comic artist but he focuses on photography instead, and he’s really amazing at that too. here’s an example of one of the drawings he did in that split zine.

daniel had always drawn some scratchy comics in his, and i was really into reading scratchy comics, so we decided to make a comics edition of both of our zines for the split. little did i know, this would transform the future of [list.] zine forever! from then on, i threw out the cut and paste style and illustrated all of my lists with comics. as a result, my zine became way more popular and i had even more fun making it.

here’s an evolution of the ramsey character and my drawing skills. i made this for the new drawing zine i just put out. details to come.

nana grizol at the frisby house

June 6, 2008

another flyer for a show at our house! this time i asked my roommates what our upcoming flyer should have on it and kate and jordan both said ‘something summery, like swimming or something!’ so this is what i came up with. on the ankles of all the kids is our frisby house tattoo =0) jordan and i both have it already. the other housemates are planning to get it.

zine procrastination

May 30, 2008

i planned to have an issue of my zine out by june 1. my first deadline never ever sticks. my new deadline is august, before i move to chicago. it’s going to be a ‘goodbye baltimore’ issue.

here are some excerpts from my last issue of [list.] zine. it was list #11.